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xingsir001score:4.8 / 52022-12-03
The transportation is very convenient, but the facilities are a little old, and the service is very good
artwegascore:4.0 / 52022-12-03
The hotel is so old that I haven't cleaned my room for two days
dtjy2002score:4.3 / 52022-12-03
The location is very good, but the facilities are better than the wine, and the service staff have a good attitude
simba_0801score:4.0 / 52022-12-02
Not bad
Nelson Wongscore:4.3 / 52022-12-02
The complimentary breakfast is very ordinary. The hotel is good as a whole with complete facilities. The room is hygienic and comfortable. Suitable for business travel. The service provided by the hotel staff was very good,. I will consider staying next time.
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