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Shanghai Disneyland, visitors will be able to carry food for their own consumption into paradise

Date: 2019-09-06

The reporter understands from Shanghai Disneyland management, the park management team is actively communicate with related aspects, will continue to listen in on the basis of the opinions and Suggestions, including in security and launched in the next phase take-away food policy aspects and so on a number of measures, further improve the park operation, optimize the tourist experience.

Shanghai Disney resort area security, safety, fire and health service department director Xue Binjun said: "our understanding of the current in the screening process may bring discomfort to some visitors.The park management team has been actively seek feedback, and guided by the support of relevant departments, serious study optimization screening process, in order to achieve two major goals: the first is the premise of all, which ensure the safety of tourists and staffs;Second, provide a more comfortable experience for our visitors."

Xue Binjun said that Shanghai Disneyland security team is optimize the existing artificial packet inspection way, through a more friendly and humanized processes and services, reduce the effect of packet inspection experience to visitors.Recommend tourists at the checkpoint can open the bag bag, such as security personnel requirements, visitors can remove bags related personal items and released after inspection.The park management team will continue to work together with other departments, the continuous optimization in screening process, considering the next step to increase investment in security equipment, using a variety of technology such as X-ray machine, auxiliary artificial service, enhance the experience of tourists into the garden.

Xue Binjun, meanwhile, said that the Shanghai Disneyland management focus and listen to a lot of advice about the current it is prohibited to carry into the garden items, especially for food and drinks.On the basis of the feedback will soon adjust takeout food policy.In addition to processing, thermal storage and take any food excitant odour, visitors will be able to carry food for their own consumption into paradise.The policy is determined, where the details will be introduced to the public as soon as possible.At the same time, will continue to strengthen the diversified supply food in the park, to add more different varieties, and the price of food taste, offers visitors a more abundant food choices.In addition, visitors will continue to carry bottled water and drinks into the park, more than 50 straight drinking water throughout the park more than 20 outlets and hot water supply level and will continue to provide free drinking hot and cold water to visitors.Alcoholic drinks will be banned from carrying into the garden.

According to Xue Binjun, series of optimization measures also start from strengthening policy in advance in the park.Shanghai Disneyland is updated every official ticketing channels and platforms for the process, to ensure that the visitors before buying tickets to the known information, norms and visitors ahead of schedule.

Xue Binjun said: "the park management team is under the support of each department cooperation, identify and implement the operational optimization measures as soon as possible.In preparation for the process of implementation of these measures, we also hope to get the public's understanding and support.For the park management team, every day to see the smiling faces of the masses of tourists are the biggest power to go on with our efforts."