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Tourism, catering, film and television industry to return to work orderly 'post-disaster reconstruction' look forward to practical measures

Date: 2020-02-27

Due to the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia, the catering, tourism and film industry experienced a long "shutdown" during the Spring Festival, which is supposed to be the hottest season.Recently, the new confirmed cases of coronary pneumonia in other areas outside hubei province showed a declining trend, and catering, tourism and film and television enterprises also resumed business under the "test" of the new coronary pneumonia.

At the same time, related enterprises due to the outbreak of cash flow tight, debt repayment pressure and other difficulties still to be resolved.Affected industries have called on all sectors of society to support "post-disaster reconstruction", policy departments have taken action, related companies have also started a multi-pronged self-help model, and the temporary shutdown caused by the outbreak has also brought new ch

anges and thinking for these enterprises.

Collective "lockout"

Under the heavy blow of the epidemic, the formerly hot catering, tourism, film and television industry pressed the pause button around the Spring Festival.Bear the brunt of the closure of major scenic spots across the country."The epidemic has had a great impact on scenic spot businesses and travel agencies. If restaurants can be transferred to takeout and cinema movies can be transferred online, the companies operating scenic spots are really at a loss what to do."A listed tourism management told reporters.Recently, a number of listed tourism enterprises, including songcheng performing arts, xi 'an tourism, yunnan tourism, lijiang tourism, huangshan tourism, santesuo and utour tourism, have disclosed that their short-term performance is greatly affected by the epidemic

Songcheng performing arts announced that all its tourism and performing arts projects will be closed from January 24, 2020, which will have a great impact on its financial performance in the first quarter.Xi 'an tourism disclosed that the outbreak is expected to have a major impact on the company's business performance in the first quarter of 2020.The company said all its hotels, travel agencies, resorts and other operating stores have been closed since January 27, and all travel plans have been canceled.Yunnan tourism also announced that from January 25, 2020, the company's subordinate scenic spots will be temporarily closed to the public for sightseeing, and its subordinate travel agencies, tourism transportation, conference and wedding services will be temporarily closed. The hotel business occupancy demand and the project schedule of garden and horticulture business will also be affected by the epidemic.Due to the sudden outbreak of this outbreak, the company's performance in the first quarter of 2020 will inevitably be affected to some extent.